Renewable Energy Awards 2018

Off-Grid: Power Category 2nd Runner-up Biogas from Ethanol Waste Water to Power Generation, Thailand
1st Runner-up Disruptive Solar PV: Real-time adaptation of operations to maximise savings, Thailand
Winner 2 kWp off-grid solar PV system in Labi, Ulu Belait, Brunei Darussalam
Off-Grid: Thermal Category 2nd Runner-up Small Biogas System for Household: Khlong Nam Lai Community, Thailand
1st Runner-up Solar Thermal Hot Water System for Scalding Process at Poultry and Meat, Malaysia
Winner Biogas Production from Rubber Factory Wastewater, Thailand
On-Grid: National Grid 1st Runner-up Innovative and Sustainable Poverty Eradication Program using Solar PV Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Mechanism: SURIAKU, Malaysia
Winner Pichit Biopower 9.8 MW Rice Husk Power Plant, Thailand
Winner Chang Raek Biopower 9.5 MW Biomass Power Plant, Thailand
On-Grid: Local Grid 2nd Runner-up 25 kW Huai Mhak Lang Hydro Electricity, Clean Energy for the Highland Communities, Thailand
1st Runner-up 20 kW Micro Hydro Power for a Hill Tribe Village: Ban Mae Klong Noi, Thailand
Winner Nyantaw Village’s Electrification Project with 20kW Micro Hydro Power Plant, Myanmar
Cogeneration 1st Runner-up Bagasse-Fired Cogeneration Power Plant, Thailand
Winner Cassava Waste to Energy, Thailand
Biofuel 1st Runner-up Maesod Clean Energy, Thailand
Winner Mitr Phol Danchang Ethanol Plant, Thailand
Special Submissions Winners ABB Fast EV Charger using Solar PV, Malaysia
Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Set for Community and Household Biogas Plant, Thailand
Floating PV Testbed at Tengeh Reservoir, Singapore