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April 27, 2017 | by The Geopolitical Implications of RE | found in: Blog

This blog post is in reference to the workshop “the Geopolitical Implications of Renewable Energy (RE)” in Berlin, Germany, on 22 – 23 March 2017. Supported by the Governments of Germany and Norway, this workshop discussed the findings of a joint study called The Geopolitics of Renewable Energy.  The study is conducted by reputable institutes […]

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October 27, 2015 | by ASEAN Energy | found in: Blog, Publications

The energy sector has an important role in advancing ASEAN’s integration   The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, better known as ASEAN, is set for remarkable growth and opportunity. Its 10 member nations represent a market of more than 600 million consumers and a combined GDP of nearly US$3 trillion. These figures are increasing by the day, and the region’s prosperity and stability continues to […]

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October 2, 2015 | by ASEAN’s Need for Energy Cooperation and Integration | found in: Blog

ASEAN has become a community of opportunities.  Built by 10 member states that represent a market of more than 600 million consumers and a combined gross domestic product (GDP) of nearly USD3 trillion with a total trade of more than USD2.5 trillion, ASEAN’s prosperity and stability continues to grow.  Within this context, the ASEAN Centre […]

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