The contributions of Dialogue Partners (DPs) and International Organizations (IOs), in advancing the ASEAN goals for energy cooperation as well as in the development of regional strategies and initiatives towards regional integration, are fully recognized by the ASEAN community. At the 23rd ASEAN Summit held in Brunei Darussalam in 2013, it was affirmed that by 2015 and beyond, “it is the aim of ASEAN to ensure not only the continuity and sustainability of the existing momentum of the considerable progress of the ASEAN community, but also to set the foundation for such concerted progress in a more challenging environment, with enhanced external interest and engagement in the region, and in much larger East Asian and Asia Pacific contexts”. Relatedly, the 31st ASEAN Ministers of Energy Meeting (AMEM) held in Bali in 2013 appreciated the significant benefits from the close cooperation with ASEAN DPs and IOs in the realization of the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) 2010-2015 and beyond.

Recognized as one of the key stakeholders in enhancing regional energy cooperation, the contributions of DPs and IOs are useful and meaningful to shape the future ASEAN energy landscape beyond 2015. They contribute and support the key thrusts of the APAEC 2010-2015 as well as the upcoming APAEC 2016-2020, the blueprint for cooperation, to support energy sustainability as key foundation and aspirations of the ASEAN Member States (AMS). The quantitative and aspirational goals or targets of the APAEC would serve as drivers to move the region towards enhancing greater energy security and strengthening international cooperation, including financial institutions and dialogue partners, to tap their resources and expertise.

In line with the Regional Energy Policy and Planning (REPP) Programme Strategy No. 5 under the APAEC 2010-2015: “to strengthen collaboration and dialogues with ASEAN partners and with national, regional and global institutions”, the Guidelines serve as a reference to assist and facilitate the DPs and IOs in the establishment of a regional collaboration platform in energy under the SOME/AMEM Forum in the ASEAN region to promote and deepen dialogue relationship in a productive and meaningful manner to address the key issues and challenges of energy sustainability in the long-term.

Moreover, the Guidelines emphasizes that the collaboration with DPs / IOs is useful and important in addressing the key elements, issues and areas of concern towards the implementation of APAEC to achieve the goals of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).