ASEAN Standards Harmonization Initiative for Energy Efficiency

In ASEAN countries, inefficient air conditioners (ACs) have contributed to environmental problems due to inefficient electricity consumption as well as high GHG emissions. Addressing this challenge might be difficult since there is still non-tariff barriers to trade that need to be removed to enhance regional market integration for higher efficiency ACs and there is not yet any harmonized energy efficiency (EE) standards for higher efficiency ACs in the region.

Funded under the EU SWITCH-Asia affiliated program, ASEAN SHINE aims at increasing the market share of higher efficient air-conditioners in ASEAN through harmonisation of test methods and energy efficiency standards, adoption of common Minimum Energy Performance Standards, and changing consumer purchasing attitudes in favour of energy efficient air-conditioners.

The progressive phasing out of inefficient ACs and the increased share of higher efficient ACs will lead to:

  • Improved efficiency at demand-side in ASEAN residential sector.
  • Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases in ASEAN.
  • Removal of non-tariff barriers to trade within ASEAN and enhance regional market integration.
  • As the action will result in having the same harmonised EE standards for ACs in the ASEAN region.

The major activities:

  • Establishment of the EU-ASEAN Energy Efficiency Standards Harmonization Initiative
  • Harmonization of standards for testing methods
  • Regional policy roadmap
  • National policy roadmaps for increase of MEPS
  • Capacity building for testing laboratories
  • Capacity building for AC manufacturers (SMEs)
  • Consumer awareness campaigns