Following the findings and recommendations from a review mission on Renewable Energy Support Programme for ASEAN (ASEAN-RESP) in November 2012 conducted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) and GIZ agreed to continue ASEAN-RESP by making use of the newly project fund in order to carry out activities of direct relevance to the development of the renewable energy sector in ASEAN region.

In the beginning of the programme, ASEAN-RESP consists of 13 activities and it is added by one activity as agreed by GIZ and ACE in October 2014. The duration of the second phase of ASEAN-RESP is from 01 September 2013 – 30 June 2016.

Objective and Indicators
The overall objective of ASEAN-RESP Phase II is: “the relevance stakeholders in ASEAN region use the regional and technical policy exchange to improve the framework conditions for renewable energies” and it is defined by the following indicators:
1. ASEAN Specialized Energy Bodies adopt a regional RE Guideline (until June 2016).
2. Three (3) approaches for the promotion of renewable energies (e.g. policies to establish access to energy, conditions for grid integration of renewable energy) are in consultations of the relevant decision makers in individual ASEAN Member States with support of the project.
3. ASEAN Renewable Energy Sub-Sector Network (RE-SSN) initiates 6 new focus groups.
ASEAN-RESP Phase II places great importance on the alignment of its activities with ASEAN policies in the RE sector. The programme activities therefore reflect the Action of Programme Area 5 as defined in the APAEC 2010-2015.

Project Funding
ASEAN-RESP Phase II is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)s.

Main Project Activities and Its Contribution to APAEC 2010-2015

No Activity Contribution to APAEC 2010-2015 Program Area 5
1 ASEAN Renewable Energy Policy 2.2
2 Renewable Energy Grid Integration Guideline 2.1; 2.4; 3.2
3 Renewable Energy Lending Guideline 2.1; 4.1; 4.2; 4.3; 4.4
4 ASEAN Renewable Energy Development 1.4
5 Rural Electrification Pilot Project 1.2; 1.3; 2.2.; 4.4
6 Recommendations on Permit Procedures 1.2; 2.2
7 ASEAN Renewable Energy Business Directory 3.4
8 Renewable Energy Permit Procedure 1.2; 2.2
9 Renewable Energy Technology Assessment and Associated Cost Analysis (LCOE) 1.3; 2.1; 2.2; 3.1
10 Technical Standards for PV Hybrid Systems 3.2
11 Renewable Energy Information Dissemination 1.3; 2.2; 2.4
12 Business Model for Rural Electrification 1.3; 2.2; 4.3
13 ASEAN Renewable Energy Training Institutions 2.1; 2.3; 2.4
14 ASEAN Energy Outlook 1.1; 1.4