ASEAN-Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership

The 13th SOME-METI Consultations confirmed the implementation of the enhanced PROMEEC under a new name called ASEAN-Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership (AJEEP) Programme. The AJEEP Programme consists of two schemes. The first is the AJEEP-Scheme 2, captioned “Enhanced EE&C Promotion by Private Sector”. It aims for the following concept: ASEAN forms a platform / system for business development by which more private companies could find business opportunities to accelerate improvement in energy efficiency through applying effective / advanced technologies and products under a well-established EC policy / legal framework and energy management system. Japan (METI-ECCJ) will provide ASEAN with information on the advanced technologies and products so as to create more opportunities for private sectors to promote EE&C through business. The second scheme is AJEEP Scheme 3, captioned, “ASEAN Capacity Development System”. It aims to contribute to the achievement of the GDP energy intensity reduction target (8%) of AMSs and is essential to narrow the gaps and capacities among AMSs further for enhanced EE&C promotion in the ASEAN region, especially for some AMSs such as CLM (Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar) countries to establish a good or better national policy / legal framework including energy management system. METI (ECCJ) supports on the capacity building project which AMSs will implement by themselves based on the achievements of the PROMEEC project. ECCJ supports the capacity building of finding implementation measures to establish Energy Management System, Energy Conservation Policy and Energy Conservation Act in CLM countries, and to enhance them for actual implementation with the cooperation of ASEAN Supporting Group, which have already established the above policy and legal framework.

The overall objectives of AJEEP are:

  • To strengthen cooperation between Japan and the AMS in EE&C
  • To support the implementation of EE&C activities in the APAEC 2010-2015
  • To develop business models to strengthen private sector participation
  • To implement capacity development activities to narrow the development gaps in the ASEAN Member States

Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan