The United States and ASEAN at the 6th U.S.-ASEAN SOME stated their intention to implement this five-year U.S.-ASEAN Energy Cooperation Work Plan, which is intended to align with program objectives of the APAEC 2016-2020, particularly in priority areas related to Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Renewable Energy, Power Sector, and Natural Gas and Petroleum.

The Four Areas of ASEAN-USA Energy Cooperation
The United States recognizes that the ASEAN Plan of Action on Energy Cooperation (APAEC) 2016-2025 Phase I (2016-2020) will maintain continuity with the previous APAEC, detailing seven Program Areas of Cooperation among ASEAN member states to achieve their common energy goals. This United States-ASEAN Energy Cooperation Work Plan 2016-2020 focuses on four of these seven to accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies: 1) Energy Efficiency & Conservation, 2) Renewable Energy, 3) Power Sector, and 4) Natural Gas and Petroleum.

Download ASEAN-USA Energy Cooperation Work Plan 2016-2020 here