ASEAN Day Celebration, 15 August 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia

The ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) participated in the celebration of ASEAN’s 49th anniversary at the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC), Jakarta (Indonesia).  ASEAN’s anniversary itself falls on every 8 August, but this year, the celebration was held on 15 August due to ASEC’s schedule.  Unlike last year, the activity to share information about ASEAN’s programmes and entities to the public was not done with an exhbition.  ASEC opted instead to showcase ASEAN and its diversity through a series of performance.  ASEAN Secretariat invited ASEAN entities like ACE and the ASEAN Foundation to showcase their programmes/specialties on stage in front of a selected audience.

Credit: ACE

A performance by local students. Credit: ACE


ASEAN trivia wheel. Credit: ASEC

ASEAN trivia wheel. Credit: ASEC

As the performance programme aimed to inform the public about the diversity of ASEAN as an organisation and community, ASEC invited local students and its friends from the general public.  Taking the audience into consideration, ACE decided to introduce the concept of renewable energy & energy conservation in a fun and comprehensible way. For that reason, ACE organised a drawing contest prior to the event, involving elementary and high school students who are invited by ASEC.  Dozens of pictures depicting renewable energy and energy conservation arrived on ACE’s desk.  After some deliberation using a scoring system, 10 (ten) winners were chosen.

Rank Name School Category
                                                       Elementary School
1 Najla Andini Khairunnufus SD Harapan Ibu RE
2 Aina Rahma Alrisqo SD An Nuriah RE
3 Aqila Salmaisyra Taufik SD Harapan Ibu RE
1 Rifa Fazila SD Al Azhar 1 Energy Conservation
2 Maunara Nyza Zulfardi SD Harapan Ibu Energy Conservation
3 Karissa Green Montessori Energy Conservation
                                                              High School
1 Betha Suwarso Mentari RE
2 Alifira Ramadhania SMAIT Auliya RE
1 Chiara Dewanto Mentari Energy Conservation
2 Zanisa Mentari Energy Conservation


Winners from elementary schools. Credit: ACE

Winners from elementary schools received trophies and bookstore’s gift cards. Credit: ACE


Credit: ACE

ACE Techinical Officer quizzing the students.  Credit: ACE

ACE announced the winners on stage on the celebration day and presented them with interesting prizes.  But prior to the awards ceremony, some of ACE’s technical officers led an interactive quiz using the winners’ pictures; making the audience guess if the featured pictures were about renewable energy or energy conservation.  Hopefully, the students learned more about energy and started to be motivated to save energy.  News on the event appeared on The Jakarta Post.  Happy ASEAN Day!