Calling Outstanding Enterprises in ASEAN!

ACE would like to share with you an invitation from a fellow ASEAN entity, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC). The ASEAN-BAC is calling all outstanding enterprises–including in the energy sector–to apply for the ASEAN Business Awards 2017. The three main categories for this year:

1) The ASEAN 12 Priority Integration Sectors (fisheries, electronic, E-ASEAN/ICT, textiles, logistics, wood-based, rubber, agri-food, healthcare, tourism, automotive, and retail)

2) the Special Awards (Inclusive Business & Friends of ASEAN)

3) The 2017 SMEs Excellence Award (Young Entrepreneur, Women, and SMEs in the categories of Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility, Employment, and Innovation).

Please go to for details.