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APAEC 2010-2015

The third series of implementation plan of the ASEAN Vision 2020 as prescribed in the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint 2015. It serves as the blueprint for ASEAN cooperation in the field of energy for the period 2010-2015 under the theme “Bringing Policies to Actions: Towards a Cleaner, more Efficient and Sustainable ASEAN Energy Community”.

The plan covers the energy component of the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint 2015 signed by ASEAN Leaders on 20 November 2007, which directs ASEAN towards achieving the following specific objective of the APAEC 2010-2015, that is, to enhance energy security and sustainability for the ASEAN region including health, safety and environment through accelerated implementation of action plans, including, but not limited to: a) ASEAN Power Grid, b) Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline, c) Coal and Clean Coal Technology, d) Renewable Energy, e) Energy Efficiency and Conservation,  f) Regional Energy Policy and Planning, and g) Civilian Nuclear Energy.

The APAEC 2010-2015 contains 26 strategies and 91 actions. The program strategies and the division of tasks among the ASEAN specialized energy bodies under the plan of action are clearly specified as follows:


Program Area Strategies Ownership
1. ASEAN Power Grid
  • Accelerate the development of the ASEAN Power Grid Interconnection projects
  • Optimize the generation sector vis-à-vis the available indigenous energy resources in the region
  • Encourage and optimize the utilization of  ASEAN resources, such as, funding, expertise and products to develop the generation, transmission, and distribution sectors
2. Trans-ASEAN Gas
  • Collectively implement the ASEAN MOU on TAGP by ASCOPE Members
  • PERTAMINA and PSC Partners to undertake detailed feasibility study for East Natuna Gas Field Development
  • Implement the approved Roadmap for TAGP by respective ASCOPE Members
  • Implement the approved 5-year ASCOPE Gas Centre (AGC) Work Program
3. Coal and Clean Coal
  • Strengthen Institutional and Policy Framework and build an ASEAN Coal Image
  • Promote Coal and Clean Coal Technologies
  • Promote Intra-ASEAN Coal Trade & Investment
  • Enhance environmental planning and assessment of coal projects
AFOC(ACE as Secretariat)
4. Energy Efficiency and
  • Develop Energy Efficiency Policy and Build Capacity
  • Enhance awareness raising and dissemination of information
  • Promote good energy management practices, especially for industrial and commercial sectors
  • Facilitate Energy Efficiency Financing
EE&C-SSN(ACE as Secretariat)
5. Renewable Energy
  • Increase the development and utilization of RE sources to achieve the 15% target share of RE in ASEAN power generation mix
  • Enhance awareness and information sharing and strengthen networks
  • Promote intra-ASEAN cooperation on ASEAN-made products and services
  • Promote renewable energy financing scheme
  • Promote the commercial development and utilization of biofuels
  • Develop ASEAN as a hub for renewable energy
RE-SSN(ACE as Secretariat)
6. Regional Energy Policy
and Planning
  • Enhance energy policy and supply security information sharing network
  • Conduct capacity building in energy and environmental policy planning and energy supply security assessment
  • Prepare regional energy outlooks and conducting ASEAN energy policy reviews and analysis series
  • Strengthen collaboration and dialogues with ASEAN partners and with national, regional and global institutions
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of APAEC programs
REPP-SSN(ACE as Secretariat)
7. Civilian Nuclear Energy
  • Conduct capacity building among ASEAN Member States
  • Strengthen public information and public education on nuclear power generation
  • Strengthen institutional, legal and regulatory capacities on nuclear energy for power generation.
 (ACE as Secretariat)


The detailed work programme, fund sourcing, budget and other implementing arrangements shall be prepared by the above mentioned energy organizations based on this plan of action approved by the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Energy (SOME) and the ASEAN Minister’s of Energy Meeting (AMEM).

The ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) is tasked to facilitate and technically coordinate the work of the implementing organizations, such as, in the conduct of project preparation, feasibility studies, sourcing of funds and other services that the Member States, through SOME and the ASEAN Secretariat, may consider necessary. The SOME, jointly with the ASEAN Secretariat through ACE, shall coordinate, manage and monitor the implementation of this plan. The ASEAN Secretariat shall further provide the program coordination and other requirements with the other ASEAN coordinating bodies and the ASEAN dialogue partners.




2015  – 2020

2010 – 2015