ASEAN Power Grid

ASEAN recognises the critical role of an efficient, reliable and resilient electricity infrastructure in stimulating regional economic growth and development. To meet the growing electricity demand, huge investments in power generation capacity will be required. In recognising the potential advantages to be gained from the establishment of integrated systems, ASEAN established the electricity interconnecting arrangements within the region through the APG under the ASEAN Vision 2020 adopted in the Second ASEAN Informal Summit in Kuala Lumpur on 15 December 1997. HAPUA (Heads of ASEAN Power Utilities/Authorities), as SEB (Specialised Energy Body), is tasked to ensure regional energy security by promoting the efficient utilisation and sharing of resources. The construction of the APG is first done on cross-border bilateral terms, then expanded to a sub-regional basis  and finally to a total integrated regional system. It is expected to enhance electricity trade across borders which would provide benefits to meet the rising electricity demand and improve access to energy services in the region.

Outcome-Based Strategies

  • To accelerate the development and completion of the following APG Projects identified under AIMS II by 2020.
  • Initiate multilateral electricity trading.

The SEB in-charge for this program area is the  HAPUA, visit the HAPUA Secretariat website.