Coal and Clean Coal Technology

The ASEAN Coal Sub-sector Network was transformed into the ASEAN Forum on Coal (AFOC) in 1999 with the objective, among others, to promote ASEAN cooperation in the coal sector and to promote intra-ASEAN business opportunities on coal.

Recognising that coal is a major fuel source for power generation in the region, total coal production and utilisation has risen as shown in Figure 6. In 2013, electricity produced from coal was 258 TWh or around 31% of the total power generation, a steady increase from 27% in 2010.This increasing trend indicates that coal is expected to generate more electricity than other fuel sources for the foreseeable future.

AFOC is responsible for promoting the development and utilisation of clean coal technologies and facilitating intra-ASEAN coal trade towards enhancing regional energy security and sustainable development.

In addition, AFOC is tasked to promote ASEAN cooperation in the coal sector as well as promoting intra-ASEAN business opportunities towards enhancing regional energy security while addressing environmental issues through clean coal technology.

Outcome-Based Strategies

  • Promote clean coal technologies for power generation to contribute to clean energy development and economic competitiveness.
  • Increase the level of awareness of the public on the benefits of coal use.
  • Promote intra-ASEAN coal trade and increase investment in CCT.
  • Conduct policy research to enhance coal development and use, and build capacity.
  • Establish a fully functional ASEAN Coal Database and Information System (ACDIS).

List of Coal and Clean Coal Technology Focal Points (available for registered users only)