Civilian Nuclear Energy

Civilian nuclear energy, as a clean source of energy can help ASEAN meet its growing energy demand in the region. As a number of the AMS have considered to embark on nuclear energy for power generation as an option, the Nuclear Energy Cooperation Sub-sector Network (NEC-SSN) was established in 2008 as the responsible specialised energy body to shepherd ASEAN-wide cooperation and facilitate information sharing and exchange, technical assistance, networking and training on the use of nuclear energy for power generation purposes.

Outcome-Based Strategies

  • Build up capabilities on nuclear energy, including nuclear regulatory frameworks, civilian nuclear safety on emergency response and preparedness, amongst policy makers and technical officers.
  • Improve public understanding on nuclear power generation in the ASEAN region.
  • Strengthen regional cooperation on nuclear.

In-house Project(s) with DPs/IOs

List of NEC-SSN Focal Points (available for registered users only)