Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Energy efficiency, viewed as the most cost-effective way of enhancing energy security and in addressing climate change and promoting competitiveness, has been successfully implemented in ASEAN since the establishment of the ASEAN Energy cooperation initiative in 1986. To address the limited global reserve of fossil fuels and volatile energy prices, the AMS have been following a deliberate policy of diversifying and using energy sources efficiently. The EE&C-SSN is responsible for the coordination of ASEAN’s collective efforts on energy efficiency towards its target of reduction in energy intensity.

Outcome-Based Strategies

  • Harmonisation and Promotion of Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling on various kinds of energy-related products. Targeted products: Air-conditioning and Lighting
  • Enhancing private sector participation including Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) for EE&C promotion.
  • Developing green building codes which support the use of high energy efficient products.
  • Enhance the participation of financial institutions in EE&C development.

In-house Project(s) with DPs/IOs

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